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We’re Glad Someone Else Was Brave Enough To Test Cicada Recipe On Camera Because Eww

It’s not that we’re a bunch of bug-phobic squeamish eaters here at Consumerist HQ, but we’ll be the first to admit that writing and thinking about cicada recipes caused a few tummies to roil. That’s why we’re super grateful that other enterprising and brave journalists took the hit for us, and cooked up a couple of cicadas on camera to see what all the buzz is about. [More]


If You Can’t Beat The Looming Swarms Of Buzzing Cicadas, Why Not Eat’em?

For those of us who are older than eight years old and happen to live along the East Coast, the word “cicada” brings a lot of things to mind: incessant buzzing, teeming masses covering trees and clogging up gutters and just general annoyance. But instead of getting bugged by the Brood II perennial cicadas, slated to emerge from their long slumber this spring, perhaps you’d like to try eating them. [More]