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At least they aren't ugly stuffed animals?

Target Also Hauls Out Valentine’s Day Stuff In Mid-December

In the poll on our post from Monday about a Kmart that has already hauled out the stuffed animals and cards for Valentine’s Day, the wishes of our readership are clear: you don’t want to see Valentine’s Day stuff out until January at the earliest. Unfortunately, our readers don’t run the world, and certainly don’t run big-box discount stores. Reader L. sent along this photo from a Target store in Florida. [More]

The Opposite Of Christmas Creep: Christmas Retreat

The Opposite Of Christmas Creep: Christmas Retreat

Around the 12th of December, Jasper in northern Virginia needed some lights to finish decorating his Christmas tree. He drove to store after store in search of a simple string of indoor lights, but could find none. I suppose that’s what happens when stores start putting Christmas decorations out long before Halloween. [More]