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Charlie Brown & The Peanuts Gang Up For Sale

Three months after MetLife cut Snoopy and the rest of his Peanuts pals loose, the company that owns the rights to the characters is reportedly putting the gang up for sale. [More]


MetLife Cutting Snoopy And The Peanuts Gang Loose After Three Decades

The days of gazing upward to the skies at a football game to see Snoopy’s face gliding by on a blimp will soon be over, as MetLife has announced it’s cutting ties with the cartoon pooch and the rest of the Peanuts gang after more than 30 years together. [More]

Maybe It Just Needs A Little Love

Maybe It Just Needs A Little Love

We’ve kept quiet about the rampant commercialization of classic holiday programming, in part because we kinda like our plush Bumble, and in part because, well, what’s more commercial in the first place than a made-for-TV holiday cartoon? But we have to draw the line with this little item we found in a local CVS. Haven’t these people listened to Linus? Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about? [More]