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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 257K Vehicles Over Airbag, Fire Risks

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t exactly been having a great year when it comes to vehicle safety and recalls — from cars that tend to roll away because of confusing gear shifts to a slew of vehicles with airbag issues. Those woes continued today as the carmaker announced two separate recalls — totaling more than 257,000 vehicles — involving airbags that might not deploy and wiring issues that could cause a fire. [More]


Fiat Chrysler Recalling 811K Dodge, Jeep Vehicles Over Confusing Gear Shifts

Two months after federal safety regulators expanded their investigation into Fiat Chrysler vehicles after receiving more than 100 complaints about crashes and injuries resulting from drivers inadvertently leaving their vehicles in gear with the engine running, the carmaker is officially recalling 811,000 SUVs and sedans equipped with the confusing electronic gear shifter.  [More]

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Apple Recalls Some MacBook Chargers, Because They Should Actually Provide Power

Having trouble charging your MacBook? You may have one of a “limited number” of charge cables that contain a flaw that can prevent charging now being recalled by Apple.  [More]

Dodge Recalls Nearly 450K Chargers Over Tire Jack Issues

Dodge Recalls Nearly 450K Chargers Over Tire Jack Issues

The last thing you want to worry about while fixing your flat tire is your car falling off the jack and injuring you or damaging your car. But that’s exactly what can happen for nearly 450,000 Dodge Chargers now being recalled.  [More]

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320K Dodge Chargers Recalled Because Airbags Shouldn’t Deploy When The Door Shuts

For the past year, car makers have been plagued with airbag issues of some kind. Over the weekend Fiat Chrysler announced it was the latest company to encounter problems with the safety devices: unintended deployment when shutting a vehicle’s doors.  [More]

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Chrysler Warns Consumers About Their Own Shady Hellcat Dealers

You may have heard that Chrysler debuted new supercharged, high-powered Charger and Challenger vehicles known as the Hellcat earlier this year. The limited-edition muscle car is already in high demand with consumers, but with such popularity comes concerns about shady behavior on the market. [More]

8 Monthlong Dodge Charger Problem Fixed After Consumerist Post

8 Monthlong Dodge Charger Problem Fixed After Consumerist Post

Whenever Brian drove his Dodge Charger in the rain, all the dash lights flashed and he had trouble restarting his car, but after 8 months of strife, his problem got fixed after his story posted to The Consumerist. The next day after the post went up, Brian got a call from Paul at Danbury Dodge, his dealership. Paul wanted Brian to bring his car in so the Chrysler tech could inspect it. Brian brought in the car during a rainy day, the problems were recreated, and the Chrysler tech diagnosed and fixed the problem in less than four hours. On repeated visits before this, the dealership kept claiming they couldn’t recreate the problem. A rep for Chrysler VP TP Lassdora also called Brian up, apologized profusely, and offered five years of free oil changes and extended Brian’s service contract. “In the end, I believe that the Consumerist story forced Chrysler to get involved, whereas Danbury Dodge was content to ignore my complaints,” writes Brian. “Thank you to the staff and the readers of the Consumerist for motivating Chrysler and Danbury Dodge to fix my car.” Inside, the original video showing how Brian’s dashboard reacted in the rain.

All The Dashboard Lights Flash Whenever I Drive My Dodge Charger In The Rain

All The Dashboard Lights Flash Whenever I Drive My Dodge Charger In The Rain

Whenever Brian drives his Dodge Charger in the rain, all of the dash lights flash and has trouble restarting his car. He’s taken the car to the dealership multiple times, but they say they’re never able to recreate the problem. Above are two screencaps of the video he took last time this occurred. He’s now taken to writing a letter to Chrysler CEO Big Bob Nardelli, which is most likely a futile effort. You might instead email Cerberus, the company that now owns Chrysler’s ass. Maybe the dealership will find it’s able to recreate the flashing signals if Brian rides along the next time they test the car. Maybe call the Car Talk radio show. Inside, a video of this bizzare phenom in action, and his letter to the CEO.