Shady Dealings

(David Transier)

Senator Calls For Investigation Into Alleged Anti-Competitive Airline Behavior

American Airlines and US Airways, Southwest Airlines and AirTran, Continental and United. These are just a few of the major mergers to hit the airline industry in the last several decades. While airlines contend that such combinations have created more streamlined processes for customers, some legislators are concerned that a shrinking airline industry has perpetrated potential anti-competitive behavior, leading to a request for a federal investigation.   [More]

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Chrysler Warns Consumers About Their Own Shady Hellcat Dealers

You may have heard that Chrysler debuted new supercharged, high-powered Charger and Challenger vehicles known as the Hellcat earlier this year. The limited-edition muscle car is already in high demand with consumers, but with such popularity comes concerns about shady behavior on the market. [More]