U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Customs Officials Seize A Ton Of Marijuana Disguised As Carrots

When it comes to trying to sneak drugs into the country, ne’er-do-wells keep coming up with creative ways to disguise their illicit goods, keeping law enforcement on their toes. Someone must’ve hired Bugs Bunny to do some sleuthing in Texas, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents discovered a shipment of carrots that included a few thousand orange things that weren’t of the vegetable variety. [More]

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Theater Sells Carrots For Performances Instead Of Tickets To Avoid Higher Taxes

Times are tough in Spain, with new austerity measures prompting everyone, including businesses, to tighten their belts and stretch their wallets. After the government slapped a 21% tax on theater tickets, one theater in a small town came up with quite a clever way to avoid shelling out extra cash — he sells carrots instead of tickets, and then “gives” performances away for “free.” [More]

Schools Put Carrot-Only Vending Machines In Cafeteria

Schools Put Carrot-Only Vending Machines In Cafeteria

Students at two high schools — one in Cincinnati, OH, the other in Syracuse, NY — are guinea pigs for a new program that’s trying to change the way young people look at veggies, by marketing and selling carrots like they’re junk food. [More]