buycom Doesn't Honor Rebates Like Newegg Doesn't Honor Rebates Like Newegg

Yesterday’s post about Newegg honoring a failed rebate request prompted this email from another reader, who had a similar situation with but with a very different outcome. If you’ve ever dealt with—known for having some of the worst customer service in the industry—this won’t surprise you.


A reader describes his frustrating experience with figuring out whether or not he’s actually going to get what he ordered from on time. [Don’t Buy From Buy.Com] Doesn't Care If You Want To Cancel An Order Doesn't Care If You Want To Cancel An Order

Mr. Grover: Offers $15 Off Anything Coupon, Changes Mind, Charges Recipients Extra $15 Offers $15 Off Anything Coupon, Changes Mind, Charges Recipients Extra $15

The online electronics site mistakenly offered a $15 off *any* item coupon, a deal that was picked up by online deal forums like Slickdeals and customers rushed to place thousands of orders. tried to stop the orders but couldn’t stop them all. Those who did receive their products also received a surprise on their next credit card bill: an additional $15 charge. Sells Refurbished Bluetooth Headsets Listed As New Sells Refurbished Bluetooth Headsets Listed As New sold Chris two Jabra BT350 bluetooth headsets advertised as OEM, but one arrived with a broken charger and headset. When Chris contacted Jabra, as per’s instructions, he was told that because the headset was refurbished, its warranty was void.

Contact Buy.Com CEO Neel Grover

Contact Buy.Com CEO Neel Grover

Aliso Viejo, CA92656 Can't Give You The Rest Of The CDRs You Ordered, Because That Would Mean Actually Reading Your Emails Can't Give You The Rest Of The CDRs You Ordered, Because That Would Mean Actually Reading Your Emails

Bill ordered 300 CDRs from He received 200 (half are pictured). Somehow, over 3 months and a dozen emails later, they can’t fix the issue.

Yet Another Reason Not To Count On Rebates

Brook has waited since November for a $100 rebate from Each time she asks for the status of the rebate, she is told by rebate-processor Parago that the rebate is in the “final stages of processing” and will be ready, let’s say, next month.

I know the warnings about rebates, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Remember back in November when the Hanns-g 19″ monitors had that $100 rebate? I ended up getting it from, a reputable merchant whom I thought would deal with a reputable agency to pay their rebates. WRONG.

As a rule of thumb, purchase items expecting not to get the rebate. If the rebate comes through, great – treat it as a bonus. Always remember, rebate companies work very hard to deny your rebate. Parago has even admitted that most rebates are a scam.’s Packaging Sucks!’s Packaging Sucks!

Jerry writes in with a photo of the totally fucked up book he received from He realizes that it’s the USPS’s fault for messing up the book… but is wondering if’s packaging needs to be quite as flimsy as it is.

Consumers Speak: Reseller Issues

Reader Paul writes with this story of buying from a third-party through

I’ve had no bad experiences buying from in the past, so when I spotted a great deal on two rare CDs I’ve been coveting, right in time for a nice birthday present to myself, I pounced. I noticed that the seller, tenone, was here in my home town, so first I emailed him/her to ask if I could pick up the CDs in person to save on shipping. When there was no response after a day or so, I just coughed up the postage and placed the order online anyway. He/she was a Power Seller or whatever. That was mid-October.

Morning Deals Round Up: Kind of Skimpy Edition

• has a clearance sale running through the 14th. We didn’t find any particularly fantastic deals, however, so shop carefully.

Morning Deals Round-Up: Christmas Clearances

The Consumerist is technically off today, but we’re doing a bit of Boxing Day online browsing ourselves and thought we’d let you know what’s shaking, deal-wise.

Consumeristas Speak: Lenovo’s Free Thinkpad Battery Bait and Switch

If they were out of stock they could have sent it when they got some more. It’s not like this is a product that is rare. But no, the bait & switch was ‘cheapo printer or go to hell.’

Morning Deals Round Up

• Sometimes the simple deals are the sweetest: Use the code “EM21HL30” for 30% off for purchases at, including gift cards. [via Slickdeals]