brake issues

Lisa Pisa/Jacob Grove

Nearly 650,000 Jeep & Dodge SUVs Recalled Over Potentially Degraded Brakes

Fiat Chrysler recalled more than half a million SUVs this week because it can be dangerous when your brakes don’t work properly.  [More]


Toyota Recalls 340K Prius Sedans Over Brake Issues

The whole point of a parking brake is to keep your car from rolling away. That’s why Toyota is recalling 340,000 Toyota Prius vehicles with parking brakes that might not work properly. [More]

Ken Fager

Ford Recalls 271K Trucks Over Brake Issue Linked To 9 Crashes

While you can debate the best features in the many pickup trucks available, we can all agree that a feature no one wants are faulty brake lines, like the ones resulting in a new recall of 271,000 Ford F-150 trucks. [More]