Samsung Allows Customers To Disable Bixby, Leaves Them With Worthless Button

Samsung’s answer to Siri, Alexa, and Cortana could soon be homeless: While the company continues to work on a smart speaker to house Bixby, it’s allowing customers to evict the artificially intelligent assistant from its dedicated button on their smartphones.  [More]

Samuel M. Livingston

Samsung Confirms A Smart Speaker Is In The Works, Surprising No One

While Amazon, Google, and Apple have all given their voice-controlled intelligent assistants smart speakers to live in, Samsung’s Bixby hasn’t had a speaker to call home. Instead, it’s been limited to the Galaxy S8 smartphone. That may change soon, as Samsung says it’s about to follow its rivals into the smart speaker market. [More]


Samsung Apologizes For Descriptions Of Male, Female Bixby Voice Assistants

Samsung has officially launched its very own voice-controlled artificially intelligent assistant Bixby, the long-awaited answer to Siri and Alexa, and the service is already making a splash… just not one Samsung probably imagined.  [More]

Eric Hauser

Samsung Launches Bixby, Its Answer To Siri & Alexa

Move over Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, there’s a new voice-controlled artificially intelligent assistant in town: Samsung’s Bixby. [More]

Eric Hauser

Samsung Trademarked “Hello” In Europe. But What Does It Mean?

Apple has the iPhone and Siri, Amazon has Echo and Alexa, and Google has Home and Ok Google. Now it appears that it is Samsung’s turn to wade into the connected device and virtual assistant world, as the tech giant recently filed a trademark in Europe for a system dubbed “Hello” that sounds a lot like the already crowded field of digital assistants. [More]