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Five-Year-Old Receives Invoice From Friend’s Mom After Missing Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party for a bunch of kids is not an easy feat — there’s all the planning, the hordes of tiny people running around shrieking and yelling and shoving cupcakes in their faces while refusing to go to the bathroom when they have to, not to mention the expense involved. Nonetheless, the parents of one five-year-old boy say that despite that stress, the mom of their son’s friend shouldn’t have sent them an invoice after the kid missed a birthday party without advance notice. [More]


Bear Crashes Through Skylight, Eats Cupcakes For Boy’s Birthday Party

Uninvited guests who crash parties and eat all the treats are the absolute worst, am I right? Darn treat scarfers! But a black bear took it to a literal extreme in Alaska, falling through a home’s skylight only to land in the middle of preparations for a kid’s birthday party. And he was rude enough to gobble up as many cupcakes as he could get his paws on, to boot. [More]

Should You Buy A Monkey?

Should You Buy A Monkey?

Like so many of us, Stewart at My Family’s Money has always wanted to own a monkey. His reasoning is sound: “They are ridiculously awesome and having one as a pet would be even more awesome.” Stewart decided it would be a good idea to estimate the total lifetime cost of owning a monkey. We think he’s playing a little fast and loose with the numbers, but then again where do you go to get hard stats on monkey ownership? Not from our lazy Census takers, that’s for sure.