Delta Enters Next Phase Of Testing Fingerprints As Boarding Passes

Back in May, Delta announced that it would test allowing a subgroup of passengers to access its Sky Club lounge at Reagan National Airport using only a fingerprint. That test was apparently successful, and now the airline will begin allowing that same group of passengers to actually board the aircraft using their fingerprint instead of a boarding pass. [More]


Delta Tests Replacing Boarding Passes With Fingerprints For Lounge Access

While it’s trying facial recognition automated baggage drops in Minneapolis, Delta Airlines has implemented another form of biometric identification at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Ultimately, the airline plans to let passengers use their fingerprints in place of boarding passes to check in, check bags, and board their flights. [More]

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Hacker Uses Printed Photo, Contact Lens To Trick Samsung S8 Iris Scanner

Weeks after a security researcher demonstrated how he could fool the facial recognition software in Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone with a digital photo, someone else has managed to hoodwink the phone, this time by tricking the phone’s iris scanner with a printed picture and a contact lens. [More]


British Airways Rolling Out Face-Scanning Technology For Speedier Boarding

No matter how fast gate agents work, the boarding process can feel like an interminable nightmare filled with people shuffling slowly forward, just itching for their chance to hand over their boarding pass or scan their phone. British Airways thinks it can speed things up by using passengers’ faces as boarding passes. [More]

Creepy Fingerprint Pay Processing Company Shuts Down

Creepy Fingerprint Pay Processing Company Shuts Down

Reader Michael writes in to let us know that the creepy biometric payment company that was operating in supermarkets such as Jewel-Osco has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Would You Buy Groceries With A Fingerprint?

Would You Buy Groceries With A Fingerprint?

Jewel-Osco, a Midwest supermarket, introduced a biometric payment system. After signing up and associating your fingerprint with your credit card, you can buy groceries just by pushing your finger on a reader at checkout and entering your “search number.”