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Amazon Prime Bringing Back ‘Doctor Who’ With Exclusive U.S. Streaming Deal

Doctor Who fans who have been grieving since the show disappeared from the streaming arena, rejoice: Amazon says it’s bringing the popular BBC time-traveling series back to Prime as the show’s exclusive U.S. streaming partner. [More]

Charter Doesn't Care If You Can't Watch BBC America

Charter Doesn't Care If You Can't Watch BBC America

“I have a TIVO HD that uses two cablecards. On 9/27/2007, I realized that channel 196 (BBC America) was not working on either card; it did not appear to be authorized. I called Charter customer service (as I have had to do for many problems over the last couple months), and their immediate response was, as usual, to send out a technician. I called back a bit later and suggested that they try removing the tier from my account and adding it back in – this technique had fixed another random outage affecting all HD channels that had occurred earlier in the week. As with most calls to Charter customer service, I felt that the representative didn’t really know much of anything about the service and that I had to troubleshoot my own issue. The technique didn’t fix it, so the technician came the next day (9/28/2007). This was the 4th technician to come to my home in the last 2 months (all because of problems with Charter service), and like the others, he did nothing that I couldn’t have done myself…”