Amazon Reportedly Dumping ‘Doctor Who’ & Other BBC Shows From Prime Instant Video On Feb. 15

Just a few weeks after Netflix subscribers were forced to deal with the potential reality of losing access to some of their favorite BBC shows (a move that Netflix reversed later, sparing titles like Doctor Who and Luther, after all that worry), Amazon Prime customers will be seeing certain titles from across the pond disappear starting Feb. 15.

According to a report by The Verge, the problem of having to share content is too much of an issue for Amazon, which will be pulling Doctor Who and the majority of its BBC programming from Prime Instant Video in a matter of weeks.

The site cites sources familiar with the matter who say that the current licensing deal Amazon has in place with the BBC lets other subscription services carry that same content, which isn’t in line with Amazon’s grand plan. It’s decided instead not to renew the agreement, The Verge says.

This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when you look at Amazon’s efforts to branch out into its own programming with shows like Transparent while also snapping up content like The Americans and Justified and not allowing any other competitors to stream it.

Sources say the company will be focused on original programming this year and exclusive content deals to keep customers coming back for what only it can provide.

Amazon will reportedly start notifying customers about the upcoming changes and detailing which shows will be getting the boot.

Doctor Who and other BBC shows are vanishing from Prime in Amazon’s fight for exclusivity [The Verge]

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