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8 Things We Learned About Racial And Gender Wage Inequality In The Restaurant Industry

With nearly 11 million people working in the restaurant industry in the United States, the field has become one of the most populated in the workforce. But a new report finds that while there’s a plethora of positions in the restaurant business, there’s a stark difference between livable-wage and poverty-wage positions and it tends to further segregate employees by gender and race.  [More]


7 Ways To Not Be Annoying About Charging Your Phone At A Bar

It’s a desperate, panicky feeling, gnawing at your insides and lighting your brain on fire. Your phone is about to die. It’s dead! What if someone texts you something important, like the score of the Brewers game or what happened on that show last night? We’ve all been frantic or something like it over a dead phone, but guess what? Not every bartender or waiter you ask has a charger, or wants you to plug your phone in while they’re trying to work. [More]


Bartender Claims She Was Fired Over Pregnancy & For Failing To Dress Like A “California Hooker”

Even if your place of employment doesn’t have a uniform per se, many jobs like to foster a certain look. But one former bartender at a a bar in Studio City, Calif. says she was punished for not wearing risqué enough clothing, and also for the inconvenience of being pregnant. [More]


Oregon Bartender Tipped With A Lottery Ticket Wins $17,500

Having someone hand you a lottery ticket as your tip for serving drinks might usually be kind of a bummer because the odds are that ticket is worthless. Unless it isn’t, and then it’s pretty darn exciting. An Oregon bartender who said one of her customers regularly gives her unplayed Keno tickets as tips lucked out to the tune of $17,500. That’s a mighty fine tip. [More]

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These Workers Know Their Jobs Make The World A Worse Place But A Job Is A Job, Right?

In these trying economic times, we’re not about to begrudge anyone a job. Heck, we’ve all got bills to pay. But some workers are willing to point the finger at themselves and admit that what they do for a living is maybe kind of sort of making the world a worse place. A new survey asked a variety of workers if their jobs do good things for the world, and plenty of those polled replied, “Nope.” [More]

Am I Supposed To Tip At An Event With An Open Bar?

Am I Supposed To Tip At An Event With An Open Bar?

When most people go to a bar, they take care to tip the bartender and/or the wait staff. But for many people, that courtesy seems to go out the window when someone else is picking up the tab, as guests assume that the tip has also been taken care of (or just don’t think about it at all). But are they making the right assumption? [More]

Undiluted Drink? That’ll Be Another Buck.

Undiluted Drink? That’ll Be Another Buck.

I love scotch. And when I order one, I always get somewhat annoyed by the pleb bartender who asks me if I want it with ice. Doesn’t he know that a fine single-malt should never be served with scotch, or watered down, unless with a mere thimbleful of spring water from the very locale in which the whiskey was distilled?