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Bank Teller: If You Have No Patience And Don’t Listen, Why Should I Feel Sorry For You?

Reader A. works as a teller at a regional bank. She write in with some advice for readers who use banks (and everyone uses banks) that will make your visits to the bank smoother and happier, and make your dealing with the tellers at your own bank more pleasant. Though we hope that none of our readers are as unreasonable and impatient as the customers A. describes. [More]

Are Bank Tellers Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Are Bank Tellers Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Between ATMs, online banking and smartphone apps, the average person can now go months, possibly years, without ever having to go into a bank and interact with a teller. And a number of financial institutions are continuing to looking for ways to remove tellers from the equation — or at least move the tellers somewhere that they aren’t taking up expensive real estate. [More]