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Pre-Cut, Bagged Salad May Actually Contribute To Growth Of Salmonella

Salads are among the most common sources of foodborne illness, and we’ve repeatedly seen how pre-cut, bagged salad products can harbor ugly pathogens like listeria or salmonella. A new scientific study finds that pre-cutting these leafy vegetables may actually be contributing to the growth of salmonella. [More]

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Dole Found Listeria In Salad Processing Plant As Far Back As 2014, Kept Shipping Veggies

Is it a crime for a company or its representatives to keep on shipping food products that may be dangerous to the public if they know that the items may be contaminated? Dole’s Springfield, OH processing plant has started shipping salad again, but new evidence shows that the company kept shipping lettuce even as it was aware of Listeria contamination in the building as far back as 2014. [More]


CDC Investigating Possible Listeria Outbreak In Dole Salads

Since the beginning of July, there have been twelve people who became so sick from a specific strain of Listeria that they were hospitalized. One of them died. Public health authorities know that the cases are linked because of genetic analysis of the bacteria, and have finally been able to link the illnesses to one Dole packaging plant for salad greens in Ohio. [More]

Why Bagged Salads End Up In Landfills Instead Of Compost Piles

Why Bagged Salads End Up In Landfills Instead Of Compost Piles

When food is past its prime and leaves the distributor or supermarket, where does it go? We’d like to think that it all ends up in a compost pile or anaerobic digester, which at least re-purposes the food and the methane it gives off while decomposing to fertilize future crops and to generate electricity. Here’s one sad exception: bagged salads. [More]