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Study: Raising Legal Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21 Would Result In Fewer Smokers

By this point everyone can agree that smoking is harmful to your health, and yet there are still new smokers starting up the habit year after year. A new study from the Institute of Medicine says that swell in numbers could be curbed by raising the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21. [More]

Vice Costs More Money Than Money That Exists

Vice Costs More Money Than Money That Exists

Cigarettes costs society $167 billion dollars a year in health costs and lost productivity. Sweet liquid bread costs us $185 billion dollars a year. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s? $115 billion. And indulging in carnivorism alone costs over $1 trillion a year. The tab of costs to our economy, according to research by various interests groups, is truly astronomical.