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Ashley Furniture To Pay $1.75M Over Worker Safety Violations

Following reports of more than 1,000 employee injuries, home furnishings retailer Ashley Furniture has agreed to pay $1.75 million to settle numerous allegations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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OSHA: Ashley Furniture Failed To Report Incident In Which A Worker Lost His Finger

Going to work and doing your job shouldn’t mean worrying about bodily harm, which is why there are rules and regulations in place to ensure that employers take all the right steps to keep workers safe. The federal government says Ashley Furniture fell afoul of those rules when it failed to report an incident in which a worker lost a finger. [More]

Ashley Furniture Franchisee To Hand Out $1.5M In Refunds After Ohio State Win

Ashley Furniture Franchisee To Hand Out $1.5M In Refunds After Ohio State Win

Ohio State surprised a lot of people last night by blowing out the University of Oregon 42-20 in the NCAA football championship game, but while many people in the Buckeye State were overjoyed by the resounding win, one furniture company was probably hoping that the game would have been closer. [More]

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Ashley Furniture Wants To Charge Restocking Fee For Out-Of-Stock Item

If you order a backordered item that was never in stock in the first place, should you have to pay a restocking fee when you cancel the order? That’s the quandary that Emmanuel finds himself in. Store employees failed to tell him that the couch he wanted was on backorder until after he had already paid, so he came back to the store a day later to cancel the order. Ashley couldn’t do that…without a 30% restocking fee. What did they restock, precisely? [More]

EECB Frees Reader From Ashely Furniture's Zombie-Call Clutches

EECB Frees Reader From Ashely Furniture's Zombie-Call Clutches

You know what they need to make? A zombie film starring reanimated furniture. The whole walking corpse thing is just so done. But an undead end table stalking you through your house and hacking through the closet door to reveal your pathetic hiding spot and devour your flesh? Now that’s something I’d pay to see, even if it wasn’t in 3- as, apparently, all movies will be in the future. Until that cinematic masterpiece hits the silver screen, I guess Steve’s story of how Ashley Furniture wouldn’t stop calling him until he sent their headquarters an Executive Email Carpet Bomb will have to suffice…