San Francisco Proposal Would Limit Residential Airbnb Rentals To 60 Days/Year

The relationship between Airbnb and its home city of San Francisco is complicated to say the least. the least. The two have repeatedly duked it out over regulations, taxes, and liability, and now the stage is set for yet another battle between the city and the home-sharing platform, as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors considers reducing the number of days people in the city can rent out their homes each year. [More]

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11 Attorneys General Agree: For-Profit Colleges Shouldn’t Have Unfettered Access To Military Bases

A number of for-profit college chains market their schools directly to active-duty U.S. servicemembers, sometimes going too far in the process. Now a group of state attorneys general are voicing their concern that a new piece of legislation will weaken existing protections against overzealous recruitment of servicemembers by these controversial colleges. [More]

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Bill Would Require Airlines Ensure Families With Young Children Sit Together

It’s no secret that traveling with children can be a test of patience for families and other passengers. That’s especially true when the airline of choice can’t ensure that small children are seated with their parents. That could soon be changing, however, as Congress recently voted to add an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that aims to take some of the hassle out of traveling with children.  [More]

Provision In Highway Funding Bill Would Require The IRS To Use Private Debt Collectors

Provision In Highway Funding Bill Would Require The IRS To Use Private Debt Collectors

While federal regulators continually work to crack down on private debt collectors that utilize unsavory, illegal tactics to make consumers pay up, government agencies often contract these entities to collect a variety of debts. That practice could continue if a provision in the Highway Trust Fund Bill receives approval.  [More]