John Stephen

Some Cities Vying For New Amazon HQ Haven’t Learned From Past Mistakes

It’s like the Olympics for corporations: Cities all over the country have put themselves into the running to be the home to Amazon’s planned second headquarters, and many of them are offering huge tax breaks and other incentives. But just like the Olympics, cities may regret making such a deal, and several places vying for Amazon’s attention have apparently not learned important lessons from themselves and others that were overly eager to court a new corporate HQ. [More]

Louis Abate

Patent Trolls, Big Pharma Try To Use Native Tribes To Skirt Patent Review

There are always patent lawsuits and challenges happening around the country. But the new trend in patent suits — from major, established drug companies to fly-by-night outfits alike — seems to be an attempt to get a leg up by using tribal sovereignty to avoid certain parts of the process. [More]

Selbe Lynn

Amazon Takes Over Most Of The Macy’s Building In Seattle

What’s even more symbolic than Amazon building a warehouse on the site of what was once the world’s largest enclosed mall? In its hometown of Seattle, Amazon is gobbling up as much office space as it can, and now that includes the top six floors of the Macy’s building downtown. [More]

Kohl’s Launches Amazon Mini-Stores, Return Counters

Kohl’s Launches Amazon Mini-Stores, Return Counters

Amazon wants a bigger retail presence in physical stores and for its customers to have an easier time returning things, and Kohl’s wants to shrink its physical stores and rent out some extra space. That sounds like a match, which is probably why Kohl’s and Amazon have teamed up to open their first 10 “Amazon Experience” mini-stores and return counters in Kohl’s stores in Los Angeles and Chicago this week. [More]

Chris Yunker

Amazon Sells Big Landlords On Package Hubs For Apartment-Dwellers

Online retail is very attractive to apartment-dwelling urbanites who may not have a car and whose nearby stores probably charge higher prices than the malls out in the suburbs. But this customer base has always posed a problem for Amazon and its ilk: Where do you leave the packages? [More]

Hammerin Man

Amazon Reportedly Working With Vendors To Create Its Own Sportswear Line

Following a report earlier this year that Amazon was perhaps working on launching its own line of workout apparel, it sounds like Amazon is making more moves toward peddling sportswear: A new report says the company is talking to vendors and suppliers that make workout gear for some of the most popular brands. [More]


Amazon Launches Shopping Portal For Teens, Complete With Spending Allowances

Remember the first time your parents trusted you with their credit card after firmly explaining it was solely for emergencies? If you’re like some of us, you might also recall justifying to yourself that paying for Dave Matthews Band tickets constituted an emergency. Your folks likely disagreed, even if they were down with the DMB. So you can probably see why Amazon’s new teen-specific shopping portal lets parents cap how much their kids can spend. [More]

Mike Seyfang

Amazon May Go After “Porch Pirates” By Delivering To Car Trunks, Inside Homes

Have you ever come home, expecting to see an Amazon delivery waiting by your door only to find that it had been pilfered by “porch pirates” who will swipe any box with that trademark grin printed on it? But what if that same package could be delivered inside your home? [More]

Mike Mozart

Target Says It’s Not Trying Compete With Amazon, Just Trying To Be “Best Target”

They say that before you can be in a truly happy relationship you have to be happy with yourself. This apparently applies to retail, too: Target executives say the company isn’t trying to compete with Amazon to get customers in the door, instead the retailer is just tying to be the best version of itself for customers. [More]

Mike Mozart

Walmart App Will Let You Return Online Items In Stores

For years, Walmart has been offering ways for customers to shop online and pick up in stores. But Walmart’s new idea to attract online shoppers flips things on their ear by using its retail stores as the places where you return unwanted online purchases. [More]

Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. Is Begging Amazon To Bring It Into The Family – But Is The Chain Serious?

Now that Whole Foods has been folded into the grasping embrace of e-commerce giant Amazon, others in the food business appear to be angling for an invitation to become part of the family: Carl’s Jr. has been busy Tweeting up a storm in an effort to convince Amazon to buy it. [More]

Alan Rappa

Report: Amazon Piloting New Delivery Service To Reduce Reliance On UPS, FedEx

It’s no secret that Amazon has long been lusting after the chance to unfetter itself from the delivery ties that bind it to companies like FedEx and UPS — with its own branded freight plane, plans for self-driving delivery vehicles, and of course, drone delivery — and now it sounds like the company is one step closer to its dream of independence, with a new test of its own delivery service. [More]

Amazon Acquires 3D Body Modeling Company That Could Be Useful For Fashion, Gaming

Amazon Acquires 3D Body Modeling Company That Could Be Useful For Fashion, Gaming

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a three-dimensional avatar that’s shaped like you that you could use for online clothes shopping or for video games? We don’t know what Amazon had in mind when it acquired a company that creates 3D models of human bodies for a variety of applications, but it probably involves the mega-retailer’s fashion ambitions. [More]

Glyn Lowe Photoworks

Whole Foods Poaching New Customers From Trader Joe’s, Costco, Walmart

We know that more people visited upscale grocery chain Whole Foods in the weeks after it became part of Amazon’s growing online and offline retail empire, but where did those people come from? Customer data shows that new visitors to Whole Foods stores were likely to be the wealthiest customers from competitors like Walmart, Costco, and Trader Joe’s. [More]

Walmart Ramps Up Amazon Rivalry With Purchase Of Same-Day Delivery Company

Walmart Ramps Up Amazon Rivalry With Purchase Of Same-Day Delivery Company

Amazon is making bricks-and-mortar stores increasingly irrelevant in some markets by offering same-day delivery. So what’s a company like Walmart to do but try to beat Amazon at its own game. [More]

Akira Ohgaki

Couple Illegally Used Amazon Replacement Policy To Get $1.2M Worth Of Electronics For Free

An Indiana couple pleaded guilty recently to their part in defrauding Amazon of more than $1.2 million in electronic devices by taking advantage of the e-commerce giant’s replacement policy.  [More]

Report: Google Developing A Rival For Amazon’s Echo Show

Report: Google Developing A Rival For Amazon’s Echo Show

Earlier this week, Google pulled YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show, claiming that the device provides a “broken user experience.” Perhaps it’s no coincidence that there are now rumors swirling that Google is working on its own smart screen device. [More]

Google Also Drops Price On 4K Video To Compete With Amazon & Apple

Google Also Drops Price On 4K Video To Compete With Amazon & Apple

The late-but-welcome entry of Apple into 4K video rentals is finally shaking things up in the market for this ultra-HD content. Just days after Amazon slashed its 4K prices to compete with Apple, Google is following suit. [More]