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Amazon Finally Changes ‘Amazon Mom’ To ‘Amazon Family’ In United States

Amazon Finally Changes ‘Amazon Mom’ To ‘Amazon Family’ In United States

You might remember that back in March, male parents started a campaign asking Amazon why its program that provides discounts and free shipping on necessary baby items is called Amazon Mom in the United States, and Amazon Family in every other country where Amazon does business. Why? Now, at the end of the calendar year, Amazon finally admits that dads also know how to click “Add to Cart” on a package of diapers. [More]

Cute babies in ducky towels are the one universal language.

Why Is Amazon Mom Called Amazon Family Outside Of The U.S.?

Amazon does business in many different countries, and knows how to market to people all over the world. The Amazon Mom program started a few years ago, providing special discounts and fast shipping on items needed for babies. Yet why is it called “Amazon Mom?” Most primary caregivers are mothers, but there are plenty of children being raised by single fathers or two fathers: don’t they buy diapers, too? [More]