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Apparently, California Nuts Are The Target Of International Crime Rings

Almonds, walnuts, and pistachios make a great snack, or topper for your salad. But they’re also apparently irresistible to international thieves, who have reportedly pilfered $7.6 million worth of nuts from California over the past four years. Now, the industry and authorities are taking steps to crack up these nutty crime rings. [More]

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Here’s Why Honey Nut Cheerios Don’t Contain Nuts

The incoming Web queries for a website are like an oracle: sometimes we can see trends or growing problems by reading them, like when people had trouble with the Gree dehumidifier recall. Sometimes searchers find us when they search for the answers to questions that we had never thought to ask. Last week, someone asked Google whether Honey Nut Cheerios contain any nuts. The short answer: No. [More]

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Why Does Everyone Tell You To Eat Almonds If You’re Trying To Lose Weight?

A common refrain often bandied about in the general vicinity of dieters is “Instead of eating [insert junk food you really, really love] as a snack, just eat a handful of almonds!” While it might be easier for some than others to change their eating habits to lose weight, how did almonds get so popular? And is all the hype worth anything? [More]

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October Recall Roundup: High Chairs, Herring, And Metal Shards

In this months’ recalls: wood cleaner sprays users in the face, wooden porch swings collapse, there’s Listeria everywhere, and an unusual number of herring products are recalled for unrelated reasons That number: two. [More]

Judge To Growers: Pasteurize Your Almonds

Judge To Growers: Pasteurize Your Almonds

Finally, you can nosh on delicious almonds safe in the knowledge that they’re pasteurized and salmonella free. A federal judge this week tossed out a lawsuit aimed at blocking new rules from the Department of Agriculture requiring growers to pasteurize their almonds. Growers are now whining that U.S. consumers area about to get hooked on raw yet dangerously delicious European almonds.

Almond Joy Is In Denial About Its Almond Usage

Almond Joy Is In Denial About Its Almond Usage

We’ll admit that it would look a little sad to advertise a single lonely almond on the wrapper of the .6 oz Almond Joy. But printing “Coconut & Almonds” on the front, including an illustration of two almonds next to the text, and then referencing “almonds” in the ingredients list, looks a little misleading when you open the package and see one lonely nut lump on your candy. (Thanks to James!)