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Customers Urged To Return 16.9-Ounce Bottles Of Pepsi Over Metallic Flecks

After more than a dozen consumers in Michigan reported tasting something more in their bottles of Pepsi than they bargained for, the state’s health department issued a warning that customers should return certain 16-ounce bottle of the soda that may contain flakes of metal. [More]

What Should I Do If The Prepackaged Produce At The Store Is Priced Incorrectly?

What Should I Do If The Prepackaged Produce At The Store Is Priced Incorrectly?

Some days it’s just easier to pick up a prepackaged meal from the grocery store; whether it’s grabbing a container of pre-cut fruit for a picnic or a plate of shucked corn for the grill, the pre-measured and individually packaged items can be convenient. But what happens when the weight of the container you snatched doesn’t match the price and weight on the label? [More]

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Health Officials Investigating After At Least 10 Buffalo Wild Wings Customers Become Ill

There are few things better than digging into a basket of wings on Super Bowl Sunday. But recent reports of Buffalo Wild Wings customers becoming ill after dining at a restaurant in Kansas might be enough to cause some wing-lovers to step away from the saucy drumsticks, or at least cause the stock for the chain eatery to tumble.  [More]

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6 Things You Should Know About The New Federal Dietary Guidelines

In a bid to reduce obesity, prevent chronic diseases, and encourage healthy eating patterns, federal regulators issued new five-year Dietary Guidelines on Thursday. From cutting down on sugar, to saying red meat wasn’t so bad for your diet, the updated guidelines are chock-full of things you should and shouldn’t do in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  [More]

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How Recalls Work (And Don’t) And Why They’re All So Different

Manufacturers — of all kinds — usually try hard to get it right on the first try. From banana muffins to bicycle helmets, it’s in a company’s best interests to make their products perfect. Not only is it better for their reputation and their business, but it’s less expensive, in the long run, and causes less trouble. Sometimes, though, something just goes wrong. [More]

Dept. Of Agriculture Wants To Trick Kids Into Eating Better

Dept. Of Agriculture Wants To Trick Kids Into Eating Better

The U.S. Department of Agriculture really wants kids to eat better, especially during school lunches where parents have a lesser impact on what their children shove down their gullets. To that extent, it is spending $2 million researching how to trick them into picking healthier meal options. [More]

Judge To Growers: Pasteurize Your Almonds

Judge To Growers: Pasteurize Your Almonds

Finally, you can nosh on delicious almonds safe in the knowledge that they’re pasteurized and salmonella free. A federal judge this week tossed out a lawsuit aimed at blocking new rules from the Department of Agriculture requiring growers to pasteurize their almonds. Growers are now whining that U.S. consumers area about to get hooked on raw yet dangerously delicious European almonds.