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Sprint Adds 1 Million Accounts, But Not Because Of Price-Slashing Or Free Data

In recent months, Sprint has been trying to lure customers away from AT&T and Verizon by offering to cut their bills in half (or really only about 20%), along with introducing smartphone data plans that give away tons of data that most people will never get around to using. And today, the company announced that it added nearly 1 million net accounts during the most recent quarter, but the fine print shows that these subscribers weren’t the ones targeted by Sprint’s marketing. [More]

Sprint CEO On Failed “Framily” Plans: It’s Hard To Sell A Talking Hamster

Sprint CEO On Failed “Framily” Plans: It’s Hard To Sell A Talking Hamster

If you’ve watched TV in the last year, you’ve likely caught one of the many, overly quirky ads for Sprint’s former “Framily” plans. Between the francophile daughter, random goth hanger-on Gord-on, and a hamster patriarch voiced by Andrew Dice Clay, the company’s new CEO admits that it was all just a bit too much for what was otherwise a cruddy group data plan on a really slow network. [More]

Sprint One Up: Sept. 2013 - Jan. 2014... We hardly knew ye.

Sprint Pulls Plug On Early Upgrade Program After Only 4 Months

Last fall, Sprint was the last of the four major wireless providers to launch an early upgrade program that required subscribers to pay full price for their phones in order to be able to upgrade those devices after 12 months. We didn’t think it was such a great deal at the time, and apparently neither did many others, as Sprint quietly “retired” One Up last week. [More]