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Facebook Tweaks News Feed In Effort To Reduce “Low-Quality” Links

Over the past year, Facebook has made several changes to its News Feed algorithm to ensure the posts you see are legit. Now, the social network is at it again, this time tweaking the News Feed to reduce the visibility of links to misleading, ad-covered pages. [More]

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You’ll Never Believe How Facebook Is Changing Its News Feed Algorithm To Reduce Clickbait… Again

Ah, Facebook’s News Feed. It changes frequently in order keep you better updated on your friends’ lives, the news of the world, and other events. But one thing you’re likely see a bit less of soon: those cleverly written headlines just begging to be clicked. The social network announced Thursday that it would revamp its News Feed algorithm to reduce the number of clickbait headlines you see.  [More]

Tom Raftery

Twitter Has Turned On Algorithmic Timeline As Default View For All Users

If you like seeing Tweets on your timeline as they happen in real time, you’ll have to change your settings: after testing out an algorithmic timeline that shows users Tweets they might be interested in, the social media platform has quietly turned on that feature as the default option. [More]

Netflix Dropping Its “One-Size-Fits-All” Streaming Algorithm

Netflix Dropping Its “One-Size-Fits-All” Streaming Algorithm

The shows you watch and the shows your five-year-old niece watch probably differ: she might prefer short 30-minute animated cartoons about an exploring adolescent, and you might go for something with more action or political backstabbing. While you both deserve to have a high quality product streaming on your screen, Netflix announced today that it might have found a better way to make sure that still happens, while using less data.  [More]