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Hyundai And Kia Recall 1.7 Million Vehicles Because Brake Lights Are Supposed To Work When You Brake

The entire point of brake lights on a car are to indicate to others that the driver has pressed the brake, so it’s a bit of a problem when that fails to happen, or when pressing the brake doesn’t disengage the vehicle’s cruise control like it should. And thus we have the reason why 1.7 million Kia and Hyundai vehicles are being recalled. [More]

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Jeep Recalls 745,000 Vehicles In U.S. After 50 People Injured By Air Bags

Because air bags are not supposed to go POOF! all up in your face while you’re driving, the folks at Chrysler have announced a recall of 745,000 model year 2002-03 Jeep Liberty and 2002-04 Grand Cherokee vehicles. [More]

Newer Air Bags Could Be Doing More Harm To Belted Drivers Than Good

Newer Air Bags Could Be Doing More Harm To Belted Drivers Than Good

Buckling up is the law, but a new study is raising an important question — is the very act of clicking the seat belt in place putting drivers and front seat passengers at more risk from their air bags in a crash? [More]

Mercedes Shows Off New Safety Feature For Cars

Mercedes Shows Off New Safety Feature For Cars

Last week, Mercedes showed a bunch of journalists some new safety features it’s working on to prevent deaths in the event of a car crash, and BNET describes them. I hope you like air bags going off all around you–the demo even has air bags for the car. Sadly, the people-scooper feature–something about when you hit a pedestrian, the car “scoops” the body onto the hood and keeps the person there, probably so that his screaming can alert you that you’ve been in an accident–will only be available in Europe. [More]

Enterprise Removed Air Bags From Cars, Sold Cars, Forgot To Tell Customers

Enterprise Removed Air Bags From Cars, Sold Cars, Forgot To Tell Customers

New safety innovations for automobiles can be impressive. Side-curtain airbags are a great development for protecting people in a side-impact crash, and are standard on many models, including the Chevrolet Impala. Unless you’re driving an Impala in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car fleet, in which case the airbags were never installed in order to save Enterprise $175 per car. This wasn’t really a problem until Enterprise went to sell their used Impalas, and sort of forgot to tell people that the airbags had been removed.

Chrysler Recalls 400,000 Minivans With Corroded Airbag Sensors

Chrysler is recalling 400,000 Dodge Caravans and Chrysler Town & Country minivans over concerns that road salt may corrode sensors, preventing air bags from properly deploying. Chrysler told the government, “brass brushings on the sensors could corrode and crack on the front air bags, allowing water to enter the sensor and causing it to fail.” Were that to happen, the air bag warning light would illuminate, meaning you should try really hard not to crash.


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