In the U.S. alone, the report figures that nearly $11 billion in online ad revenue will be lost this year because of ad-blocking technology.

Ad Blockers Will Prevent You From Seeing $22B Worth Of Unwanted Ads This Year

Are you using an ad blocker on your web browser? If so, you probably don’t care what’s behind those grayed-out boxes where the ads are supposed to be. The folks who do care are the websites you visit, because they aren’t getting ad revenue from those grayed-out boxes. A new report says that ad-blocking will result in nearly $22 billion in lost ad revenue worldwide this year. [More]


Should Online Publishers Block Users Who Install Ad-Blockers?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a trade group for, well, interactive advertising. That’s to say clickable online banner and video ads. If you’re one of the smarmy people piping up right now to say, “there are ads on the Internet? I wouldn’t know, I use ad-blockers,” you’re part of the problem as far as the IAB is concerned. [More]

AdBlock Raising Money For Ad Campaign. Wait, What?

AdBlock Raising Money For Ad Campaign. Wait, What?

Depending on who you ask, ad-blocking browser extensions are either the only thing that makes the Internet tolerable, or instruments of evil that are strangling digital media to death. (Or maybe both.) The maker of extension AdBlock counters that the real problem is that not enough people know that they can banish ads from their browsers. So they’re raising money through crowdfunding to get the word out. Through ads. [More]

Adblock Plus: Internet Heroes Or Banner Ad Shakedown Artists?

Adblock Plus: Internet Heroes Or Banner Ad Shakedown Artists?

Most of our readers are familiar with Adblock Plus, the browser extension that does what the name describes: blocks ads. For some people, it’s the only thing that makes browsing the Internet tolerable; for others, it’s an evil entity strangling the media industry. What you may not know is that the open-source extension is allowing some advertisers access to your eyeballs…but only if users deem them acceptable. Oh, and some large sites have to pay. [More]

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Want Ad-Blocking Apps On Your Android Device? Don’t Expect Google To Sell Them Anymore

Until yesterday, Android users could go into the Google Play store and find a bunch of apps developed to block ads from showing up on your wireless device. But now Big G has decided these types of apps violate its policies. [More]


Our reader Hank Scorpio, while taking a break from plotting to take over the world, suggested an awesome web tool earlier today: Readability. Drag the bookmark to your browser’s bookmark bar, then click it when you’re on a badly cluttered page and watch magic happen. [via Hank Scorpio]