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4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a handy name for a pretty simple principle: the idea that the company providing your internet access should deliver you the online content of your choosing, when you choose it, without interfering. And since 2015, it’s been the law of the land. Now we stand to lose it once again — but the arguments that industry and some regulators are making against it are disingenuous at best, and a pack of lies at worst. [More]


Here’s The Timeline For The Likely Death Of Net Neutrality

New FCC Chair Ajit Pai vowed to kill off net neutrality if he could before he ever got the job, and yesterday he made good on his word, introducing a plan to roll back the reclassification of broadband as a vital piece of infrastructure and remove the FCC’s authority to insist on an internet where companies like Comcast, Verizon, Charter, and AT&T don’t have any say in where you go or what you do online. [More]

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Delta Boots A Passenger From A Flight For Using Restroom At The Wrong Time

Anyone who’s flown has heard crew say that everyone needs to be seated, strapped in, and ready for takeoff in order for the plane to taxi on down the runway take its takeoff turn. So it’s a really, really unfortunate time to develop a sudden need to go. Still, emergencies happen — but on one recent flight, Delta took the time to go back to the gate and kick a passenger off the plane after a big bout of bad timing. [More]

FCC Chair Ajit Pai Reveals His Plan To Kill Net Neutrality

You can say this much for new FCC Chair Ajit Pai: He keeps his word. Unfortunately for people who believe that internet service providers should not be allowed to determine what sites you visit, Pai’s key promise has been to kill net neutrality. Today, Pai pulled back the curtain on his plan to undo all recent efforts to regulate broadband. [More]

LuLaRoe Offering Refunds To Everyone Who Bought ‘Defective’ Leggings Since Jan. 2016

LuLaRoe Offering Refunds To Everyone Who Bought ‘Defective’ Leggings Since Jan. 2016

In the wake of a lawsuit claiming that its products are defective and it won’t give refunds, multi-level clothing retailer LuLaRoe has announced a massive refund program for customers who are dissatisfied with their new clothes. [More]

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For Third Year Running, Spirit Airlines Still Scores Lowest For Customer Satisfaction

Even though Spirit Airlines ditched its loudmouthed, hate-embracing CEO Ben Baldanza, and pledged to improve performance, the discount carrier has once again come in dead last in a national customer satisfaction survey. [More]

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Uber Reportedly Tracked iPhones Even After The App Was Deleted, Bought Lyft Receipts

It’s been a busy spring for Uber, in all the ways that companies usually try to avoid. Now, among all the allegations of tracking programs from “Greyball” to “Hell,” come a pair of new claims that won’t do anything to improve Uber’s dodgy reputation with regard to privacy. [More]


Roundy’s, Harris Teeter Hash Browns Recalled In 10 States Because Golf Balls Are Not Food

We see food products recalled for containing extraneous stuff — rubber, plastic, metal, glass, disease-causing bacteria — all the time. But this is a new one: frozen hash browns sold in nine states and D.C. are now being recalled for containing golf balls. [More]

Twitch Wants To Let More People Make Some Money From Livestreaming Video Games

Twitch Wants To Let More People Make Some Money From Livestreaming Video Games

Video, video, video. That’s basically all any and every platform wants to talk about, here in 2017: how much video it can stream, and how many people are watching it. But one step in getting people to watch live video on your platform is making sure the folks making those videos have an incentive to keep making them. There’s only so much people will do for their own amusement. So what better enticement than more money? [More]

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Should Comcast Merge With Charter Or Verizon? Analyst Says Yes

In much the way that fans of celebrities enjoy chatting about how great two stars would be together, financial analysts daydream about multibillion-dollar corporate weddings. The current pro-business, anti-regulation mindset in D.C. is only fueling those romantic merger fantasies, with one high-profile analyst claiming that now is the perfect time for Comcast to gets its acquisition on. [More]


In One Day FCC Voted To Both Streamline Competition And Disregard Competition

It was a busy, if confusing, morning for the FCC. The Commission held its monthly open meeting, where it considered more than a half-dozen items, resulting in everything from harmoniously unanimous votes to contentious disputes among the three sitting members. Oh yeah, and Chairman Ajit Pai also got “rickrolled” in person. [More]


Google Reportedly Planning To Build Ad-Blocker Into Chrome

Unless you work in the advertising industry, chances are you hate online ads that slow down, interrupt, or just plain ruin your browsing experience. That’s why the use of ad-blocking technology has soared in recent years. But would Google, which makes a mountain of money off web ads, actually build an ad-blocker directly into its Chrome browser? [More]


United Wants To Pick Up A Whole Lot More Passengers This Spring (And Not Drag Them Off Planes)

United Airlines executives had a goal for the second quarter of the year: To start from a position of strength and boost domestic growth heavily. It’s a very rah-rah, sunny, corporate view of the world that may well be derailed by one big thing: United itself. [More]

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How Much Do Video Game Companies Make Off DLC And Add-Ons? Around $5B A Year

The typical price tag for a full-fledged console or PC video game is around $60, but rare is the game that doesn’t also include an array of add-ons — everything from additional game content to new characters to outfits to in-game currency. It’s become such a popular practice that this “extra” stuff is now larger than some entire industries. [More]

Verizon Wants To Merge With Comcast, Disney, Or Pretty Much Anyone Really

Verizon Wants To Merge With Comcast, Disney, Or Pretty Much Anyone Really

Verizon’s shopping spree in recent years has mostly focused on snapping up the last vestiges of the 1990s with big purchases of AOL and Yahoo. But now, the company’s CEO says, it’s ready to go bigger and more modern… and it’s not entirely picky about who it wants its new partner to be. [More]

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McDonald’s Creates Clickbait TV Ad That Mentions Google, Coke, But Not McDonald’s

An actress in a yellow dress stands in front of a red curtain. She tells you about Coke and about Google, but it’s not a commercial for either of those things… and you’ll have to search a catch phrase to find out what it is for. It is, apparently, “unbranded marketing” for McDonald’s… but will it work?



The Future Of IKEA Could Be… Restaurants

Usually, you think of IKEA as the place to go to pick out some furniture, grab some new kitchen gadgets, and maybe fight with your partner about their questionable taste in sofas. You might grab a plate of meatballs or a tasty-looking Swedish dessert at the cafe while you’re there, but it’s not the central focus… or is it? [More]

Owner Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Says Phone Exploded On Nightstand; Wasn’t Being Charged

Owner Of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Says Phone Exploded On Nightstand; Wasn’t Being Charged

Brianne says she woke up early Monday morning to a horrifying sight: Her Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was on fire next to her bed. Unlike many previous instances of phones smoldering or going up in flames, she says her device was not being charged or plugged into anything at the time. [More]