Is ZER01 Mobile A Legit Cellphone Service?

ZER01 is a new cellular service launching soon that promises unlimited calling and unlimited, fast data connectivity for $70 a month. There’s another unique twist: you can sell the service to your friends for $10 monthly credits. That’s right, it’s a multi-level marketing mobile virtual network operator—an MLM MVNO. NetworkWorld smelled something fishy, so they researched the companies behind the offering and found that there’s a lot of sketchy looking stuff. We put the highlights of their investigation into a chart.

(If chart is not visible or not displaying at full size, click here to open separately.)

As NetworkWorld notes,

Does it all sound too good to be true? If so, that’s because it probably is. What little information is available about the services is vague, technically inconsistent, and doesn’t match up with public records.

Stay away from ZER01 Mobile, folks.

Update: NetworkWorld has uncovered more dirt on the two men and their companies.

“Zer01’s mobile offer may be too good to be true” [NetworkWorld]