Snake Head On T.G.I. Friday's Plate Wasn't Cooked With Broccoli

Lab tests are back on the side dish serpent an upstate New York man found on his plate at T.G.I. Friday’s (a story we broke, with pictures). The snake wasn’t cooked with the broccoli. It wasn’t cooked at all.

So how did it get there? T.G.I. Friday’s doesn’t know, and they’re taking it very seriously, according to their press release:

…The object in question was sent to an independent laboratory for testing, and today the lab provided written confirmation that the object in question, a snake’s head, was never cooked.

It has been concluded that the snake’s head was placed in the food at some point after the cooking process.

The man who reported finding the snake head, Jack Pendleton, says he has no plans to file a lawsuit.

Who placed it there? How? Why? The broccoli-loving public wants to know.

Snake’s head was placed in food at Friday’s [Times Union]
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(Photos: pieterjanviaene, benimoto )