Caught Bribing Customers To Submit "Perfect" Reviews

If you use to check out companies before doing business with them, don’t take any perfect ratings for as legitimate. A reader forwarded us the following email that shows they bribe their customers to leave them perfect ratings in exchange for a $5 coupon.

I’ve done a little business with this company in the past,, ordering replacement parts for my Blackberry.  Overall, their customer service is pretty good, even though they messed up an order of mine, they made it right in the end without any trouble.  But this type of thing seems very dishonest – offering money for a perfect review!  They even tell you how to cheat the system so that your order number seems correct to the ratings website.

Date: Thu, May 1, 2008 at 1:06 PM
Subject: We will give you $5 for submitting a review
Dear Valued Customer,
If you have purchased from us before and feel we did a good job, please use the link below and rate us 10/10 and we will give you $5.00 in credit to use for anything on our website.
Give us a review here:
It will ask you for an invoice #, it will start with a 4 and is 7 digits long.  If you do not have your invoice # anymore you can enter in 7 random digits with a 4 as the first digit.
After you write the review, please email me at so I can give you the $5.00 coupon.
Coupon offer: $5.00 off your sub-total.  Must order directly from
Thanks for shopping with!

Danny, are you saying that it’s possible to post a fake review for your company on with a made-up invoice number? Are you saying any random 7-digit string that begins with a “4” will be accepted? Are you saying it’s okay to lie about your company on the site? Danny, this is the Internet—are you insane?
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