Stonyfield Farm Recalls Soy Yogurts That May Be Dairy Yogurts

If you’re buying yogurt made from soy milk, you’re probably trying to avoid dairy for health or ethical reasons, including potential allergies. That’s why it’s a problem that a batch of soy yogurt from Stonyfield Farms may actually be dairy yogurt, and the company has recalled the entire lot as a precaution.

What to look for

Two consumers have complained to Stonyfield Farms that their soy yogurt containers contained dairy yogurts instead. There have been no reported allergic reactions or illnesses.

Affected yogurt cups are strawberry-flavored O’Soy yogurt cups which measure 5.3 ounces. They have a “use by” date of November 4, 2017 printed on the lid.

In a statement, the company’s “CE-Yo,” which is a job title that we are not making up, said, “While we continue to investigate this issue, we believe recalling all potentially affected cups is the most responsible and transparent choice at this time.”

What to do

The company asks people who have yogurt from this production lot to throw them away without consuming them.

If you have questions about the recall or the products, Stonyfield Farms has the amusing phone number of 800-PRO-COWS (800-776-2697) and you can also email the company at

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