T-Mobile Does Away With Unlimited LTE Data In Mexico And Canada

Image courtesy of Patrick

Here’s some bad news for T-Mobile customers who like to travel around North America while streaming Netflix. As of next month, the carrier is ending one of its more interesting perks on most plans: Unlimited LTE data in Canada and Mexico will no longer be available.

Instead, customers will be limited to five gigabytes of international roaming, with their internet access throttled down to 2G speeds after that.

In its announcement of the change, T-Mobile claims that fewer than 1% of customers who use the international data actually go over the limit, but apparently some of those customers are going way over the limit, and it’s imposing a cap “in order to prevent usage beyond the intent of the product.”

For customers who have plans with a data limit, data used in Canada and Mexico will count against their total monthly allotment. The carrier provides this handy chart to help customers with these plans understand how it would work:

Customers with the T-Mobile One unlimited plan can add on unlimited LTE for an additional $25 per month. Voice and text are less precious resources, and are not capped when roaming.

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