Walmart Accidentally Posts Google’s New Mini Speaker, Takes Down Listing

Image courtesy of @droid_life

Any hope that Google might have had for keeping the design of its newest web-connected speaker a secret was blown out of the water today by the good folks at Walmart who inadvertently posted the device on for all the world to see, a day in advance of Google’s press event.

Droid Life first spotted Walmart’s premature listing providing pre-orders for the Google mini speaker today.

While Walmart quickly removed the listing from its site, it wasn’t fast enough to prevent everyone from getting a good look at the products.

Mini Home

According to Walmart’s listing, Google’s new speaker is officially called Mini Home and will sell for $49.

The description of the device — which weighs less than a pound — notes that it has the same features as the original Home speaker but in a compact form.

The “powerful little helper” will answer users’ questions, control aspects of their smart home, share weather info, and plays music.

Walmart’s listing allowed customers to place pre-orders for the device, though those probably won’t stick, according to 9to5 Google.

Still, the pre-order option did give a clue to when customers might eventually receive their device, Oct. 19.

Consumerist has reached out to Walmart about the issue. We’ll update this post if we hear back. Google is expected to reveal the speaker, along with phones and other new hardware, tomorrow.

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