Report: Google Developing A Rival For Amazon’s Echo Show

Earlier this week, Google pulled YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show, claiming that the device provides a “broken user experience.” Perhaps it’s no coincidence that there are now rumors swirling that Google is working on its own smart screen device.

TechCrunch cites multiple sources who say Google is developing a tabletop smart screen that could make video calls, and would have a similar sized screen to the 7-inch Echo Show.

Along with video calls, the devices would also offer YouTube, Google Assistant, and Google Photos, and could act as a smart hub for other home devices like the Nest.

These insiders tell TechCrunch that the original released date has been moved up from mid-2018 to earlier in the year or even late 2017, partly amid pressure to compete with Amazon.

As for what it will cost, there’s no word. We’ve reached out to Google for comment on TechCrunch’s story and will update this post if we receive a response.

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