FedEx Refuses To Believe Madonna Is Actually Madonna, Won’t Deliver Package

Image courtesy of So Cal Metro

Madonna is perhaps one of the most easily recognized musician/actor/activist/whatever-else-she-does in the world, despite her frequently changing personas. But try telling that to FedEx.

The “Vogue” singer shared on Twitter today a frustrating experience with the delivery service: The company doesn’t believe she’s who she says she is.

As a result, FedEx won’t release a package to her.

The Tweet quickly caught the attention of the star’s fans, who noted that it was a very relatable problem, offered suggestions for next time the company delivers a package, and, of course, provided several puns related to the situation.

The Tweet was also seen by FedEx, with a customer service rep replying to Madonna.

It’s unclear if FedEx was able to resolve the issue for Madonna.

Consumerist has reached out to FedEx on the issue and for a list of ways in which customers can avoid similar situations or provide proof of identity. We’ll update this post when we hear back.