Why Is There A Seductive Photo Of A Woman In A McDonald’s Video Game?

Image courtesy of KDKA

This might be stating the obvious, but the backs of the cards on a solitaire machine in McDonald’s PlayPlace locations are supposed to have something kid-appropriate on them, not a photo of a woman in a seductive pose. Yet that’s what one girl found on a machine that was marked as being for ages 3-12, and her mother is upset that the game was left running until a local TV station stopped by to ask questions.

According to KDKA-TV, the machine has various games on it, and an 11-year-old in Moon Township, PA, was playing a touchscreen solitaire game when she saw a photo that was definitely not a cartoon character.


“You could almost see some private parts on it,” the girl observed in an interview with KDKA-TV. “I don’t think younger people should be seeing that, either.”

Her mother told the TV station that she alerted employees to the issue, but they didn’t shut the machine off. It was still running hours later when a KDKA reporter showed up in the restaurant.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s corporate told the station that it had never heard reports of problems with this machine before.

“This is not in keeping with the spirit of those games,” the representative said. “The game has been pulled and will be researched tomorrow. This game has been around for some time and has never been an issue.”

The franchisee that owns this location also said that the game had been operating for a long time with no problems.

“The game in question has been in operation for more than a decade without issue,” the franchisee’s director of operations said in a statement. “As soon as I learned that a customer had expressed concern, I immediately had the on-site team remove the game so we can further investigate. McDonald’s is committed to providing quality experiences for families.”

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