Uber Passenger Dies After Altercation With Driver

Image courtesy of WFLA

A Florida Uber passenger died after one of the ride-hailing company’s drivers allegedly punched him during a dispute.

WFTS reports that the 56-year-old Florida man died Saturday after suffering life-threatening injuries and serious brain trauma following a physical altercation with his Uber driver.

No charges have been filed against the driver, and authorities say an investigation into the altercation remains open.

According to St. Petersburg police, the passenger and his 38-year-old Uber driver were arguing about the trip’s route. WFLA reports that the driver then parked outside of a convenience store, where the verbal dispute apparently escalated into fisticuffs.

Police say the driver then punched the passenger, knocking him unconscious. He remained in that state until his subsequent passing.

A witness at the scene told WFTS that he saw a man laying on the ground unresponsive, and a woman trying to revive him. The convenience store where the altercation occurred provided police with video recorded from inside the establishment, however, the scene does not show the actual dispute.

The Tampa Bay Reporter says that police are still talking with witnesses and the driver is cooperating in the investigation.

Consumerist has reached out to Uber for comment on the incident. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

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