Instagram Users Not Pleased After Their Accounts Are Disabled For No Reason

Instagram already has a lot of reasons it can employ to justify closing a user’s account: hacked feeds, spammers, lawbreakers, bullying, etc. But dozens of Instagram users are raging against the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform today, saying they were locked out of their accounts without any reason or explanation.

Several Instagram users began complaining about the disabled or deleted accounts on Twitter today, noting that they received no warning or explanation for why their accounts were no longer active. The affected accounts appear to cover a wide range of users, from business owners, to fan and personal accounts.

In a Tweet this afternoon, the social media network said it was aware of a bug causing issues to some accounts.

A rep for Instagram provided Consumerist with the same statement, adding that the accounts have not been deleted and that the issue only affected a small percentage of users.

However, the explanation came hours after users first began experiencing problems with their accounts, sharing their frustration on Twitter.

So far, it doesn’t seem as if many users have been able to recover their accounts, despite following Instagram’s directions related to confirming their identity.

In some cases, users say they were prompted to send the company their phone number and then input a special security code. Others say they were told to email a photo of themselves to Instagram for verification. And at least one person received a reply suggesting that they were deceased and the account would be deactivated.

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