hhgregg Stores Are Down To Mangled Stoves And Fixtures

Image courtesy of WCPO

We are in the final days of hhgregg, the bankrupt appliance, electronics, and furniture retailer, conjuring that mixture of sadness and aggressive bargain-hunting that happens at the end of any retail operation. What’s left in the stores? If the one in Cincinnati is any indication, there’s nothing left but appliances that are dented or even mangled.

One shopper that TV station WCPO talked to found a nice 85% off deal on a Samsung French door refrigerator, but other shoppers found that the remaining selection was pretty much picked over.

“Scrap,” one shopper interviewed in the parking lot said. “There’s nothing but scrap in there.”

That might be generous. While there are a lot of potentially useful retail fixtures, there are also some baffling items sitting around. A lone twin mattress (no box spring) sat on the ground, while a trio of stoves clustered together looked like they had literally fallen off a truck.

The only appliances left were scratched or dented ones, but they were usable. There were bargains to be had if the store had exactly what you wanted, but there isn’t much left.

An offer to buy what’s left of the company fell through after it filed for bankruptcy, and the chain is liquidating the 200 locations that it still had. Your local store will still be open as long as there’s anything left inside to sell.

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