Delivery Man Brings Pizza To “Hangry” Passengers On Stalled Amtrak Train

Image courtesy of @MitchKatz

In an act of pizza heroism that earned him $32 in tips, a delivery man brought grub to hangry — hungry and angry — passengers stuck on a stalled Amtrak train. But while his move was met with cheers from Amtrak riders, the train operator is warning against walking that close to the tracks.

A fellow passenger posted a video of the determined pizzeria worker walking briskly next to the tracks with a pizza bag while the train was stopped near Newport, DE, on Sunday.

He says people were restless and cranky during the hours long delay without access to food or water, so some passengers decided to order pizza.

“Stuck on @amtrak 161 got hangry and problem solved,” he wrote.

The delivery guy told the Associated Press he had to cut through a backyard, scramble across a steep embankment, and hurdle a ditch while balancing the two pizzas.

He was met with cheers from the passengers, and was showered with $32 in tips.

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In all his 17 years delivering pizza, he says this is one of his strangest deliveries.

“I do whatever it takes,” he told the AP.

Another train eventually showed up to take passengers on to Washington, D.C., where they arrived more than three hours late.

“There was a mechanical issue that delayed Northeast Regional Train 161,” an Amtrak spokesperson told Consumerist in an emailed statement. “Most passengers were accommodated on additional trains. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to our passengers.”

However, Amtrak doesn’t want anyone else trying this move, and directed folks to a rail education safety site.

“We know train delays can be frustrating, but it is extremely dangerous to approach a train on the tracks,” the spokesperson said. “We are glad no one was hurt and hope this is not tried again in the future.”

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