RadioShack Stops Caring, Brushes Off Profane Posts By Rogue Closed Store

When RadioShack went bankrupt for the second time in two years and decided to close hundreds of stores, it forgot to do one important thing: Make sure the employees it fired didn’t have access to their stores’ social media accounts.

The Facebook page of former RadioShack #4831 in Reynoldsburg, OH, appears to have only been set up a year ago and the store didn’t do much with it in that time.

Then the store — which was in that second wave of Shack shutterings — closed, and its Facebook page has taken on a new level of viral fandom, thanks to whomever is continuing to update it.

Here’s what you see at the top of the RS4831 Facebook page now:

Since going rogue, the page has made these posts:

While news outlets and the influx of new visitors to the page debated whether it could be the store’s official page, RadioShack corporate (yes, there is still a RadioShack corporate and around 1,000 stores open) stepped in.

(For our younger readers, watching this video will provide useful background information on that graphic.)

“RadioShack Corporate Office has been contacted and alerted of this unofficial Facebook page and the matter is currently being investigated,” someone writing on behalf of the official page commented.

At least RadioShack got to trend on Facebook at least once while it’s still around. It’s no self-aware dead mall, but the incident did prompt some RadioShack nostalgia and funny fake reviews.

The store is currently rated over four and a half stars, which we’re guessing is better than it did while it was still open.

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