Tesla Drops Price For Some Model S, Model X; Increases Cost For Most Expensive Version

Unless you’re willing to wait a while for Tesla’s massively pre-ordered, cheaper Model 3 electric car, you’re looking at spending a pretty penny — or millions of them — to buy one of the company’s other vehicles. But Tesla is trying to make that bill a bit more affordable, by knocking off a few thousand dollars. 

CNET reports that Tesla dropped the price of its Model S 75 by $7,500, making it — at just $69,500 — the carmaker’s least expensive currently-available option.

The price decrease comes just after Tesla discontinued its Model S 60, the least expensive option for would-be Tesla owners.

The Model S 75 isn’t the only car seeing a price reduction, CNET reports that the Model S 90D was reduced $2,000 to $87,500. Additionally, The Verge reports that the Model X versions dropped between $3,000 and $5,000.

In addition to cutting costs, Tesla is also revamping what is included in the vehicles, The Verge reports. For example, the glass roof, power liftgate, and high-speed charger will now come standard.

Despite reducing the cost of some vehicles, Tesla is actually increasing the price of its 100D and P100D versions starting April 24. The Model S 100D will increase by $5,000 to $97,500 and the P100D will increase by $5,500 to $140,000. The Model X 100D will jump by $1,000 to $99,500, while the P100D version increases by $9,500 to $145,000.

A rep for Tesla tells The Verge that it doesn’t expect the price difference to significantly change sales.

The new prices come just three months before Tesla is expected to unveil its $35,000 Model 3 sedan. The company began taking orders for the vehicle in March 2016. Three weeks later, the company said it had already received reservations for 325,000 vehicles.

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