Apple May Offer Premium HBO/Showtime/Starz TV Bundle

Image courtesy of Adam Fagen

One reason some TV fans are tempted to cut the cord? Having to pay for a whole slew of basic channels when all you really want to watch is a few. Those are the people Apple is after with a reported plan to sell HBO, Showtime, and Starz as a bundle.

According to Recode, Apple is busy trying to talk those networks into becoming part of one standalone product that customers could access via iOS devices and Apple TV.

It’s unclear how much Apple would charge for a bundle, as HBO is currently $15/month, Showtime is $11/month, and Starz is $9/month.

While companies like AT&T and Dish sell web TV packages, Re/code notes, Apple has said in the past that it wouldn’t get into pay TV bundles. Apple has either changed its mind, or it just can’t resist the thought of all those eager Game of Thrones fans gearing up for a final season with the Starks, Snows, and Targaryens.

This wouldn’t be Apple’s first attempt at a streaming TV service: Back in 2015, the company was talking to programmers about offering a streaming service and on-demand library that would include about 25 channels, as well as some broadcasters.

That plan was first just delayed by a year and then eventually fell apart after Apple reportedly had a tough time licensing content.

This effort might be easier for Apple to pull off, however, as it only includes three networks and not a long lineup of channels and broadcasters.

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