AMC Reportedly Working On Streaming Service Connected To Cable Packages

If you’re a fan of that one show where the undead aren’t the biggest threat to the living, or the one where the Cinnabon guy used to be a shady-ish lawyer, but you want a little more from the shows, you’re just the person AMC is looking for: The cable network is preparing to launch an online video streaming service featuring content related to its popular shows.

Reuters, citing people familiar with the matter, reports that the planned service would be available only to customers who also subscribe to a cable TV package and would likely air supporting content — such as short digital-only segments — for its traditional shows.

The sources say that the service, which is still being finalized, could cost between $4.99 and $6.99/month, with the fee likely being added to a customer’s cable bill.

By working with providers, instead of completely branching out on its own ala HBO, the source say AMC is working to support cable.

A rep for AMC declined to provide Reuters with comment on the possible service.

Reuters notes that the in-the-works streaming option isn’t the first for AMC. The network has two other services: one aimed at horror fans and another for its Sundance cable channel.

Of course, AMC is just the latest cable network to explore online streaming. HBO launched HBO Now in April 2015, Showtime made its streaming service available on Roku and PlayStation Vue that June, and Starz launched its standalone option in April 2016.

Lifetime bet cord-cutters would be willing to pay $3.99/month for a streaming library of Schlocky TV movies in June 2015, while ESPN has been toying with the idea of offering a streaming service for years — whether or not that will include sports people actually want to watch is still to be determined.

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