Burger King Replacing Tendercrisp After Customers Called It “Disgusting”

What’s the saying? “If at first people call your food ‘disgusting,’ try, try again.” Sounds about right for Burger King, which is replacing its Tendercrisp chicken sandwich with a new crispy version that it hopes customers will actually want to eat.

The move comes after Burger King said it received feedback on social media from customers calling its chicken offering sub-par, or in some cases, flat out disgusting, Alex Macedo, Burger King North America president, told Business Insider.

Macedo contends that Americans are fine with BK’s burgers, “but on the chicken sandwich side we haven’t been as successful.”

The chain has to keep up with an unnamed competitor who has had success with its own fried chicken offerings — a rival Macedo wouldn’t name outright but likely rhymes with Brick Donald’s — as he says Burger King wants “to take the crown away from them.”

(We have heard Brick Donald’s offers a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich).

The new menu item — on the menu as of today — features a four-ounce patty, smaller than the previous version, on a potato bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, for a “recommended” price of $4.39.

Macedo says Burger King also switched up its marinade and cooking process to make the chicken crispier on the outside and juicier on the inside.

Business Insider has screen grabs of new ads showing customers who blasted the sandwich on social media in the past blindfolded and led into a Burger King to try the new offering, but the YouTube video is now unavailable.

According to Macedo, at least, the customers “went crazy” about the sandwich.

As of this morning, the Tendercrisp is still listed on Burger King’s site.

In addition to the harsh comments seen above, here’s what some Burger King customers have had to say about it in the past:

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