Despite Possible Crackdown, Nevada Will Allow Recreational Pot Sales In July

Image courtesy of cagrimmett

Yesterday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that he expects the Justice Department to ramp up its efforts against non-medical marijuana. In spite of that statement, Nevada says it still plans to allow recreational pot sales to begin this summer.

In November, 54% of Nevada voters said yes to a measure that legalizes the recreational use of marijuana in the amount of one ounce or less for adults 21 and older.

The state agency in charge of making the rules that will allow recreational marijuana sales says its plan to have dispensaries start selling recreational pot this summer is still on track.

“As of now, the Department of Taxation is moving forward with our regulation development as planned,” agency spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein told the Associated Press.

In response to pressure from lawmakers to make a statement vowing to fight any crackdown, Nevada Attorney Gneral Adam Laxalt’s office said he’s analyzing the issue.

“Not every action taken by the federal government, much less every statement made by the president or his staff, constitutes federal overreach,” a spokeswoman said. “Our office will continue to monitor this situation and analyze it according to the law and the Constitution, not speculate or jump to conclusions.”

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