Move Over Mattresses: $100,000 Found Stashed Inside Old TV

Image courtesy of CTV

You wouldn’t expect to fit more than a few dollars in the back of today’s flat-screen televisions, but TVs of yesteryear with their bulky backs full of tubes and cords were apparently another option for consumers who have a tendency to stash away money. You know, if their box springs were already full: More than $100,000 was recently found hidden inside an old TV at a recycling plant.

CTV in Ontario, Canada, reports that workers at a recycling plant in the province were processing an old television set when they stumbled across a cash box inside the appliance.

Police say the money, which came in the form of several stacks of $50 bills, is the lost inheritance of a man.

“There was like, four stacks of $50 bills, and I knew it was a large amount of money,” Rick Deschamps, general manager for the recycling plant told CTV.

The cash box contained more than just money, police tell CTV, noting that documents inside helped them find the rightful owner.

After being contacted, the man told investigators that he had stashed the money in the TV about 30 years ago. He had planned to pass the money along to family, but forgot it was there and gave the TV to a family friend.

So, if you have a family member with a big ol’ TV, you might want to check the back for your inheritance — after you check their mattress and box springs.

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