Is Google Trying To Make Maps A Social Network?

Sure, it might seem social networking giants like Snapchat and Instagram continuously mimic each other in a phenomenon we’re calling “samification,” but now it looks as if a seemingly unrelated app is dipping its toes in the social pool, too: Google is adding a more social, sharable function to its Maps app.

Google announced in a blog post Monday that it would expand its starring — or save — option that allowed users to save locations for later use, to include a function that would let users create lists of their favorite places and then share them with friends.

The feature, which was previously available to Google Local Guides, allows users to create lists of places, share their lists with others, and follow the lists of friends and family.

To use the feature, Map users tap on a location, click the “save” icon, and select a pre-made list.

In order to view a list later, users simply go to the Your Places section of the menu and then tap the saved tab. Icons of saved locations will then appear on your Google Map.

Users can also share their saved lists with friends and family via email, text, or other apps by clicking on the “share” button associated with the specific list. The lists can also be made public for anyone using Google Maps to see.

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