Golfers Rejoice: Costco’s Coveted Golf Balls Are Coming Back

Image courtesy of Joshua Smith

In the last few months, golfers have been losing their minds over the greatness of Costco’s new Kirkland Signature golf balls, buying up as many as they could and even flipping them on eBay for twice the retail price. The balls were a limited item, and seemed to be gone forever. They won’t be.

The co-founder and board chairman of Costco, Jeffrey Brotman, told that while the beloved balls might be sold out, the company plans to bring them back.

“The golf balls will return,” he wrote the news site in an email, giving hope to players all over the world with five simple words.

Golfers found them to be worth buying on the secondary market (that is, on eBay) at double the original price of around $1.25 per ball, and The Wall Street Journal reported that the supplier was unhappy at Costco’s rock-bottom price.

The golf ball saga might give you some insight into where Costco’s merchandise comes from. Kirkland Signature, the warehouse club’s house brand, slapped its name and logo on an overrun of balls from a Nassau Golf factory that normally supplies high-quality balls to new Tiger Woods sponsor Taylormade.

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